Wednesday, December 15, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Fifteen - Folded Fabric Tree

 The tree is done!

Today was one of those days!
You know, when everything that could
go wrong, went wrong!
Well, I think the best thing that I can 
do is close the book on this day and get ready for tomorrow!

So today's craft is a simple folded fabric tree.

Supplies needed:  Fabric and matching thread, scissors, 
sewing machine, needle and beads

First cut two 6 circles of either the same fabric or of two matching fabrics
With right sides together, sew around the edge, leaving an opening to turn.
When finished, turn, straighten out fabric and iron.

Next, topstitch (sew around) the turned and ironed circle about a 
quarter inch from the edge.

Fold in half...

Next make the folds as shown in the following pictures.
First to the left...

Second to the right...

Third to the left...

And finally fold the remaining piece to the right.

With needle and thread, take a couple stitches
at the top (point) of the fabric to hold the
folds.  Add some beads to make a loop
and take a few more stitches to secure the beads.

These are very easy to do but striking to see.

Talk with you tomorrow...