Thursday, December 16, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Sixteen - Fabric Styrofoam Ball

Late post tonight...busy day.  I did finish all my shopping today but still have to check out a couple grocery stores for a couple more vegan supplies for baking.  No I am not a vegan, but a couple of the folks coming for Christmas are so I want to make some cookies and breads that they can eat.  

Still haven't decided - with my chef son - what the menu will be other than some shellfish.  Well, if I can't have lutefisk, oysters, shrimp and scallops are the next best thing.  (Most folks would say that shellfish is much better than lutefisk! Not Me!)

Today's craft is a basically a crazy quilt styrofoam ball 
although mine is an egg shape...

Supplies needed:  Fabric Scraps, styrofoam ball or other shape 
(NOT the compact styrofoam.), scissors, nail file, 
and tacky glue (optional).

Basically all you do is cut small pieces of fabric
about 1 1/2 inch square and using the
nail file poke down each edge.

Place another piece of fabric next to the piece
already secured to the styrofoam and poke it 
down the same place as the fabric already
in place and secure.

As more fabric is on the styrofoam, you may have 
to cut pieces to fit in a special place.  Be sure to
cut it larger.  Once the styrofoam is covered, you
can use a bit of tacky glue to hold down pieces
that may no be secure such as the blue piece below.
You can see where the blue meets the black that it has
frayed.  A dab of glue will fix it.

Add a string to make a loop for hanging and you're done.
Easy peasy...

Talk with you tomorrow...