Saturday, December 4, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Three - Crocheted-Bead Tree

Well, I had hoped that I would have gotten a lot of the Christmas Decorations up by today but that just wasn't in the cards.  I did get everything packed away and I have the Dickens Village, the White Village and the Monk Village up but that's it.  

I know I have to rearrange the living room but again not quite sure how to do that and maintain the open feeling.  I think I will call it quits for today, straighten up the area and begin anew tomorrow...

So today's craft really is very easy.  Here's a picture of the ornament.

The supplies needed are:  4 ply yarn (I used green but any color would work), 6 large beads, 2 small beads, a crochet hook (7), large eye embroidery needle and threader (pictured below), scissors...

Plus something to use to make a tassel...

So here is how to make this ornament.  First crochet the strip as directed.
First Row:  Chain 75. 
Second Row:  Turn.  Skip one chain and crochet one single crochet in each of the rest of the chains.
Third Row:  Chain one, turn and single crochet in each of the single crochets in row 2.  Tie off and work both loose ends of yarn in the body of the strip.

Arrange the crocheted strip and beads as shown in the picture of the ornament.  Using the embroidery needle, threaded with on strand of yarn but doubled throughout the stringing, go through the beads and crocheted strip as shown in the picture (Small bead, large bead, crocheted strip, large bead, crocheted strip, large bead, crocheted strip, large bead, crocheted strip, large bead, crocheted strip, large bead, small bead).  Leave several inches of both strands at both ends.

Knot the yarn on the top next to the small bead 
leaving enough yarn to make a loop to hang the tree.

Pulling the yarn tight, but not stretching the yarn, 
knot the yarn at the bottom next to the small bead.

 To make the tassel, wrap the yarn around twenty times.
Take another piece of yarn and slip it under one side of the wrapped yarn.

Knot it tightly around the yarn.  Do not trim the ends.

Slip the wound yarn off.  With the knotted yarn at the top, 
slip the scissor in the wound yarn and cut at the bottom making a tassel.

  Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the tassel 
about 3/4 inch from the top and tie.

  With a scissors, even the bottom of the tassel.   To attach the tassel, take the ends of the top knotted strand of yarn (at the top of the tassel) and slip through the knot at the bottom small bead.  (Use the crochet hook to pull it through easily) and knot.  Trim ends and add a touch of glue to hold.

Enjoy (even a day late)...
Watch for today's craft this afternoon...
Talk with you later...