Sunday, December 12, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Twelve - Fabric Coloring

Today's craft is great for children as well as adults.   It's simply providing colors and white or beige cotton fabric.

Supplies needed:  
Crayons, cotton fabric (white or beige), paper for ironing, iron
Simple draw and color on the fabric using the crayons...

Once pictures are done, iron the pieces to set
the color.  Place a paper on top of the piece
and iron first.  Then turn over with paper
protecting the ironing board and iron on
the back of the fabric...

Simply easy!  But what can you do with the
pictures.  Well you can put them on home
made greeting cards.  You can glue them
to a piece of card stock and hang them up.
If the pictures are small
they can even be hung on a tree!

Talk with you tomorrow...