Monday, December 20, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Twenty - Felt Mitten Ornaments

My tree is full of these and when the heat is on the little aluminum spinners inside spin and makes the tree look like it's going to take off!  I think these are about twelve years old.  But believe it or not, I have two that I got when I was small...a pink one and a blue one.  Everything old is new again...isn't that the saying?

So I had a lot of little things to do in the house today but baking was my major goal.  Well, let me tell you making vegan cookies is NOT EASY!  I threw out two batches - one was like a hockey pucks and the other smelled just awful!  Think baking lutefisk!  Course, I do love the smell but no one else in my family does!

I finally managed to bake one batch of Angel Cookies that were passable.  Tomorrow I hope to have more success in vegan baking....wish me luck.

Can you believe it is already the 20th of December.  Christmas is only a few days away.  Relax and enjoy your time.  Watch a holiday movie.  Bake a batch of cookies (Maybe not vegan...unless you're vegan!)

So today's craft is a felt mitten ornament...

Supplies needed are:  Felt (two different colors), matching thread, 
yarn, stuffing, needle, paper and pencil, scissors & glue

First, with paper and pencil, draw a pattern for the
mitten and decorations (I used a star)...

Cut four mitten shapes and eight star shapes.
Stitch two mitten shape pieces of felt together
leaving the top open to stuff.  When stuffed
sew the rest of the mitten together.  Repeat with
other mitten.

Using tacky glue, glue the stars on both sides
of each glove.  Cut any other trim as desired
such as the two bands around the top and glue on.
You may want to stitch the edges of the trim closed
with needle and thread...

When both mittens are finished cut three pieces of 
yarn and braid.  Attach the yarn with needle and
thread to the mittens, one on either end.  Unravel
a bit for a tassel effect.  

Hang the mittens on the tree.  
Another easy craft

Talk with you tomorrow...