Sunday, December 19, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Nineteen - Washi & Ribbon Cards

This is one Christmas decoration that stays out all year.  I just love the gentle colors.  It just seems to be at home in every season!

Today's craft is making cards with washi and/or ribbon tape.

Supplies needed are:  Colored paper 
(bond, construction or card stock), washi tape, 
ribbon, scissors, glue
When using glue for ribbon, use a thin 
line of glue...

When using strips on the entire card,
it is easier to trim rather than cut the right size...

If using bond or construction paper,
fold the paper in half (top to bottom) and 
then in half (left to right) again.  If using
card stock cut paper in half lengthwise, fold
in half and use each piece for a single card.

Below are examples of cards both inside
and outside to give you ideas.  You do not 
need glue for washi tape but you do for ribbon.

When finished designing and making
the cards, add your own well wishes.

Talk with you tomorrow...