Thursday, December 23, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Twenty-Three - Crocheted Candy Cane

I think I have had this Dickens Village for almost 20 years and I still love putting it up.  I have also watched five different 'Scrooge' movies this season.  And I  enjoyed them all.  I haven't seen a lot of the traditional cartoons yet, especially A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Nor have I watched 'It's A Good Life'.  I really love watching both the old Christmas movies and specials as well as the new ones at this time of year.  How about you?

I still enjoy 'Polar Express', the Disney cartoon of 'Scrooge' but there are new ones like 'A Boy Named Christmas' and 'Klaus' (be sure to spell it with a K not a C).  And of course, Home Alone 1 & 2.  

So the next two days of crafts will be good to do with kids but today's Christmas Craft is a Crocheted Candy Cane...

This takes no time at all.
Supplies needed are:  Red & white 4 ply yarn, hook (H or 7)
scissors, chenille stick or glitter stick, glue,
Optional:  Needle & thread

First, with the white yarn, chain fifty-one chains.
Turn.  Skip one chain and single crochet in each of
the remaining chains (50 Single Crochet).
Tie off and leave a tail.
Repeat with the red yarn.

Next bend the end of the chenille stick
up about 1/2 inch.
Tie the two tails together around the chenille stick.
Twist the ends around the chenille stick.

With the two crocheted pieces placed next to
each other wind around the chenille stick

Continue winding until the end.
To hold the top together, either use
a bit of glue or tack with needle and thread.

Bend as a candy cane and that's it.
Again, it's hard to make just one.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!!
Hope all of you are ready...
Talk with you tomorrow...