Tuesday, January 11, 2022

January 11: Daily Routines

Really cold today...well, cold for us so far this year.  It's 12 degrees right now and the high is only 21.  So cold for today but the forecast is for the mid 40's by Thursday!

I have been crocheting cuffs and then using narrow ribbon to decorate.  I realized this morning that I have lots of decorative yarn that I could also use.  The cuffs are for both decoration and to keep wrists warm.  I put them on the end of my sweatshirt sleeves to keep them tight.  Here are a few of the ones I am experimenting with...

So today is a good time to take a look at the brief inventory of your daily routines from yesterday.  Are you surprised at how much time you spent on some things and how little time you spent on others?  One of the observations I have made over the years is that a chore expands or retracts according to the time you have to devote to it.

I also observed that if there was something that I wanted to do but needed to finish a less desirable activity first, I finished that activity faster than if there wasn't something more desirable to do later.  

Other items that take a lot of time are your electronic devises...computer, smart phone, tablet.  Continuously checking social media and emails can take (and waste) far more time than most folks realize.  And in all probability, the isolation caused by the pandemic has increased the amount of time folks spend online.

Online time is not always negative.  For instance, many work online from home.  Also, many folks download their reading material online from the library.  And during the pandemic, attending groups, classes, lectures, etc online has increased tenfold.  

Today, take a really good look at your daily routine and how you spend your time and begin thinking about how you may change that routine to incorporate your goals or other activities you want to pursue.

Talk with you tomorrow...

Omicron is spreading fast...be safe and get your vaccines