Tuesday, January 4, 2022

January 4: Setting Goals

I remember taking this picture in Maine after a major snow storm that actually completely buried Lady J.  Took a full day to first get out of the house - the porch and steps had three feet of snow - and to find and unbury Lady J.

One note:  If you are looking at my blog on a mobile device be sure to look at the Web Version or Web View.  If you are not looking at the entire blog, you miss the elements on the side (Words, Thoughts, Crafts, etc.).

So, today remembering what you discovered yesterday about the past year, think about what you would like to achieve this year.  Be sure to include both your goals and your dreams for the future.  Are there areas that you would like to improve or change?  Are there things that you would like to add?

Write down all the goals and dreams that you can think of.  By doing that you may discover something that you may have missed by limiting your list.  Once you have finished your list, put them in order with the first one being the most important.  

Talk with you tomorrow...