Wednesday, January 5, 2022

January 5: Setting Goals

Maybe all these pictures of snow is a bit of wishful thinking on my part.  I do enjoy snow.  Not only watching it but shoveling, playing in it...when was the last time you made a snow angel?  It's fun, even for these old bones.  Might take a bit longer to get up but so much fun falling down on a blanket of snow!

Today, take your top four or five goals and using the SMART formula create a statement about the goals.  What does SMART stand for?  


For instance, say you want to lose weight.  Instead of just saying 'I want to lose weight', put it in more specific terms.  'I will lose 4 pounds every month until I reach my goal of losing 20 pounds. '

First by saying 'will' you are affirming the action.  '4 pounds' is both measurable and attainable whereas losing 20 pounds every month really is not attainable easily.  And 'every month' is time bound.

Now apply SMART to all the goals you would like to choose but remember, too many goals will make it easier to get frustrated and give up.  It's best to choose your top four or five.  Maybe one in all the areas you are considering such as health, exercise, finances, creativity, parenting, career, etc.

Talk with you tomorrow...