Thursday, January 6, 2022

January 6: Setting Goals


Well, Epiphany is truly the last day of the Christmas Celebration.  Many will take down their decorations.  I will leave our outside tree lite for one more night and take it down tomorrow.  Our inside tree and  decorations will stay for another week at least.   Most of the baked goods is eaten and folks have returned to work either virtually or in-person.  And a New Year has begun in earnest!

So, now that you have decided on your goals for next year, or next month, however long you want to set the goals for, it's time to create a vision.  There are many ways to create this vision but here are four ways to create your reminder of your goals.

The most popular is the vision board.  You can make it any size that fits your needs.  A heavier paper for the foundation is recommended...for instance, tagboard, poster board, card stock, or even cardboard...a way to use all those boxes that have accumulated.  You can even use a box in box shape!  

Another way to create your vision which will eliminate the need for wall space is to use cards.  One card for each goal.  3 by 5 or 4 by 6 cards are great.  You can display them or just put them in a convenient place for easy access so you can take a look at them at least once a day.

Tri-fold paper or card stock also works well,  One goal per section will allow for all your goals and you can either display it or, as with the cards put it in a place where you can take a look each day.

Journals are a great way to create a vision for you goals.  You can create a vision of your goals on one or more pages.  But then, as you continue to work to achieve your goals, you can add that to your journal.

There is one other way to create your vision that does not include any of the above and that is to do it digitally.  Many find that they enjoy that option and use the digital vision board on one of their electronic devices as a screen saver.

Whatever you decide to use to create your vision of goals, remember it is a way to remind you of what you want achieve this year, or this month.  Take you time to create it with the pictures and words you have found.  

Talk with you tomorrow...