Wednesday, June 29, 2022

June 29: Summer Enjoyment

Another sunny and relatively comfortable day - low 80's and no rain.  Another winner of a day.

I am trying some new exercises to strengthen legs and thighs.  Only twice a week four days apart is recommended even though it doesn't seem that difficult.  Going to see if it works for me.  If you are looking for exercises for specific target areas, check out YouTube...there are tons.  I generally use ones by physical therapists.  I also like SilverSneakers online videos.

Yesterday we heard that we were the top bidder on a house, but haven't had any further word.  It's not the favorite house and I don't particularly care for the location, but we'll see what happens.

The witness at the 1/6 Hearing was really interesting.  She was able to convey what the atmosphere was around the White House during the 'storming of the capital'.  As well as which folks wanted what and which didn't.  Not a pretty sight.  

Today's topic is reading.  I was wondering how many of you enjoy listening to books?  

I never really enjoyed listening until lately.  And the only books I enjoy listening too are cosy mysteries at this point.  I tried listening to a more indepth book and I found it hard to do.  But, as I was working and packing, I realize that I could enjoy some easy cosy mysteries...the ones that I don't have to pay 100% attention to but still get the general drift of the book.

My suggestion is that you give listening to books a try or two.  You may find that you enjoy the whole experience.  And you can do something else while listening like crafting or quilting or working in the garden.

And start with books that you enjoy reading first.  I didn't and it took a while before I tried listening again.  Now, I appreciate having both an audio book as well as one to read on hand at all times.  The nice thing about my library is that they have both, but so do those sites I suggested to check out a couple weeks ago.

Remember, children who grow up around adults who read generally read when they are older.  And folks who read are generally better equipped to handle life.  Reading exercises the brain...and as many have already said, use it or lose it...that applies to your brain also.  Reading also helps reduce stress, helps one to focus and opens up a whole new approach to living.

Talk with you tomorrow...