Friday, July 1, 2022

July 1: Summer Enjoyment

It's a warm one today...low 90's.  Thunderstorms coming late this evening and tomorrow is forecast ten degrees cooler!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was out looking at houses until very late in the evening.  The last house was two hours away.  When I got home, I basically collapsed.  My hip still hurts from the new exercises so I have not continued with those however, I am still doing my daily walking exercises.  Going up the stairs and getting into SnowWhite has been difficult.  Can't wait for my hip to settle down.

We went to look at a house today and although the pictures were great, the actual house was awful...totally!  Dirty, smelly and they wanted $330,000 for it.  Even the realtor said that was a stretch.  So we are still without a house.  Going to get pods about mid July and begin packing either for storage or for moving to a new home...fingers crossed.

Today's focus is nature crafts and I have an oldie but goodie one.  Printing with fruits and applies, pears, carrots potatoes, corn or leaves and flowers.  This can be messy but fun.  Experiment first with acrylic paints and paper.  Try out the ideas below...

Dip an apple cut in half once in paint, stamp on a throw away sheet first, then stamp several times on a new sheet so it fades.  

Try dipping one side in one color and the other in another. 

Use Corn as a roller and roll on the paper.  When dry, roll with another color.

Use a feathery flower by dabbing on the paper.  As a matter of fact, try using a feather.

Once you begin, it's hard to stop.  And this is a great nature craft to try with children.  Let your imagination run wild and have fun.  A great idea to celebrate the fourth!!!

Enjoy your holiday weekend...

Talk with you on Tuesday...