Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 5: Summer Enjoyment

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday with family and friends.  

The shooting in Illinois really saddened me...way too many of these shootings.  And on the day we celebrate our nation.  Kind of says something about us.  The fact that we now have a court that expands our gun availability at a time when the gun shootings are out of control is truly ironic.  

I didn't ask on Friday, July 1st, so I want to ask today...how are you goals doing?  Is it time to take a good look and refine them to fit where you are now?  I know I have changed some of mine.  I have not really practiced meditation as much as I had expected and I really don't know why.  It doesn't take that much time and it is really beneficial for me, but it got lost somewhere.  So I am putting up a reminder to see if that will help.

I have been fairly faithful to exercising although I realize at my age that I do have to take care.  I did one too many routines on my hips which has caused quite a bit of pain and so I have had to slow down on somethings and just wait until my hips are better for my regular exercise routines.  I still walk and I have fairly full movement of my hips but putting weight on at least one (like steps) still needs more time to get back to normal.

Finances, I am doing okay.  Weight...well I haven't lost much...about 15 pounds but I would like to lose more.  At least I am trying not to stress eat, although this house hunting makes it easy to slip into that mode.  

So today's focus is nature.  And my suggestion for today is to pack up all the leftovers from your holiday meals along with a book to read or drawing supplies (pencils and drawing pad),  drive to a park with picnic tables and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time outdoors with nothing to do but enjoying yourself and nature.  

Read if you want.  Draw if you want.  Daydream if you want.  The idea is to be in nature without any expectations.  As I said at the beginning of summer, being in nature is truly healing to one's body and soul.  The benefits include reducing stress, reducing depression, increasing calmness, increasing endorphin levels and increasing dopamine production...basically, it's just plain good for you.

Talk with you tomorrow...