Monday, August 27, 2012

Bet You Can't Guess What I'm Thinking About!!!

Hint:  It's the right color!!!!

That's right - FALL!!!!!   My favorite season of the year...

I know, I'm probably rushing it but it just feels like fall today.   AND, of course, I've been watching football.   Okay, so it's only pre-season...but it is football!!!!

I've been working on that large writing assignment today, as well as bills, laundry, know the everyday, ordinary stuff of life.  

For finishing those chores, I've given myself the reward of working on my magazine.   Decided on the title - 'Life Goes On'.   I'm getting to the finish line and enjoying every minute of it.   Even the technical stuff which I'm not too great at.

Going to post it along with my new blog template very shortly.   Hope you all enjoy it.  

Thanks for stopping by...

Enjoy your evening (there's football, I think!!!)...