Monday, June 30, 2014


Did you know that one has to make opportunities available in order to experience bliss?   Did you also know that many of us sabotage our own opportunities?   

We may think that we're not worth it.   Or, we have to take care of everyone else's priorities first and then we're too tired to even think about our own.  Or, we're too afraid to try something, thinking we may fail.   

Well, if that's where you're at...STOP IT RIGHT NOW.   First of all, you are worth it, period.   Second, if you constantly fill up everyone else's needs except your own, you are going to empty yourself completely.  And then whose going to be there for others.

And third, so what if it's scary, everyone feels that way sometime but the trick is to try anyway.   If it doesn't work out, that doesn't mean failure, that means that you gave it a try but found that it wasn't what you wanted.   So you go onto the next opportunity.

You know, we only go around once in this lifetime.   Would you rather have an enjoyable ride, or a miserable one?   Finding your bliss, what gives you happiness and fulfillment, isn't selfish.   Rather, it's showing that you value this life which you were given.  And what better way to show that is there than to find your happiness, your purpose, your fulfillment, your relationships, your bliss?

There are times when a challenge like this can seem to be meaningless but I really think that my designs are getting better and better and  much more diverse.   What do you think?  I'm happy I decided to challenge myself.  

I'm sorry that Friday's post was abbreviated but it really was a busy and early weekend.   Remember we went and picked up dirt for the raised gardens on Friday.   And then we filled up the beds...

I spent all day Saturday at Hill Air Force Base at an air show.  I walked over four and a half miles that day...pretty good for someone my age.   I'll share a few pictures tomorrow.   

Things I need to finish this week...

1.  Lose one pound
2.  Exercise every week day
3.  Get tags for the car and trailer
4.  Finish tag swap
5.  Take pictures of the Santos Doll Swap and mail
6.  Finish remodeling trailer
7.  Plant flowers
8.  Organize crafts
9.  Blog every week day
10.  Write everyday

Can you believe that the Fourth of July is this Friday?   Do you have any plans?   Parades? Cookouts?   Thanks for visiting...see you tomorrow.