Thursday, September 4, 2014


You know the rest!  I had planned to show you some pictures of my tv in the trailer, as well as other stuff.  

Well, unfortunately, the tv wall mount would not work.   If you're not familiar with trailers, many are not made with thoughts of living in them permanently. For instance, the framing is done with 2 by 2s instead of 2 by 4s.  

And in my particular trailer, there is only a very small area (about 6 inches square) in which I can install a wall mount.  But, the tv would hang over into the walk area to the bed and bathroom.  Also, it's not a quick release mechanism so I can take the tv down while on the road. And the screws that came with the wall mount would stick out on the other side of the wall.

Get the picture?

On the positive side, I have just about everything moved back to the trailer.   Only some clothes which need washing and my electronics which will be done tomorrow.  AND I did finish making the curtain - it took about four hours, a little longer than I anticipated.   I also finished altering the t-shirts.

So tomorrow, the fence and the electronics.   Hopefully, it will be nice so I can finish the fence.   There are rain storms in the area once again.   I do promise to post pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by...
See you tomorrow...