Friday, March 20, 2015


Yesterday...make that Thursday...I see that I am posting late once again.   It's after midnight so technically it is Saturday here in New York City.   At any rate, on Thursday I did take the subway up to the Bronx for lunch once again.   I think this will be a weekly date.

The kids in the culinary department not only learn how to cook, but they learn how to butcher meats and make their own cuts and hamburger.   Let me tell you, the hamburger I had for lunch was out of this world...along with their hand cut fries.   And the dessert?...desert?, it's dessert...was divine.   Of course, the whipped cream was like my husband loved it...a ton of sugar with a little bit of cream.

After I got back to my neighborhood, I did a little more exploring and picked up a few items just in case it did snow.  When I got back to my apartment, I changed, got comfortable, sat down to watch a movie and fell sound asleep.   Thus, no post yesterday.   Sorry about that.

But back to today, it did snow.   Not as much as they were expecting here but enough to make walking outside not much fun.   So I stayed home.

Remember when I told you about the Acorn Channel?   Well, I have been watching all sorts of shows today.   From The Broker's Man, to Cracker, to Lovejoy, To Midsommer Murders, to...well, you get the idea.

But, lest you think I just whiled away the day, I also did some deep cleaning.   You see, all the windows have blinds...the wide type.   I decided to clean the ones in the living room because they looked a bit dingy.   Actually, I thought the blinds were beige, not white.   Turned out they are white. I think it has been a decade since these were cleaned last.   I had to work on each individual blind to get the dirt and grime off.   Took about six hours, but they are now sparkling.

Three done, three to go but not this week.   That will be a project for next week.   Especially if it doesn't warm up a bit.

My weekend plans include another trip out of town on Saturday but a quiet Sunday.   Hope your weekend is going to be lots of fun and a bit of relaxing.

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