Tuesday, October 11, 2016


When I was moving from the one bedroom apartment to the large studio, lots of folks said I needed to downsize a lot.  Well, I did get rid of a couple twin beds, a wingback chair (although it fit nicely) a couple occasional tables and other odds and ends.  But 95% of my stuff fit.  And I added a daybed (twin style with a trundle) and the three shelf cart which I used for moving.

Is it crowded?  No, not at all.  Actually, I think the area is much less crowded.  But, there is 'stuff', and probably a lot more than many minimalists would like.  Let's face it, I am not the type of minimalist that will only own 100 items.  And I never will be!

For instance, take my studio with all the fabric.  Most of the fabric is fat quarter size...and let me tell you, 1500 pieces would not be an exaggeration.  But it all fits into a shelf.  And beads, trim, thread...well you get the picture.

There are things I will part with, though.  Mostly crafts I have tried but decided they were not for me.

But leaving my studio and looking at my knick-knacks...you know the stuff that attracts dust but have memories attached.  Yes, I may photograph some, but the one's I cherish most like the first statues my late husband and I purchased, or things we found in New Orleans on our honeymoon will stay.

And I am a person who loves to decorate for the seasons...especially fall and Christmas.  So, yes, that adds to my knick-knack collection, but you know what they are what I enjoy and they make me happy.

And that brings me to what I wanted to say about minimalism.  I totally agree that many of us have too much, but each of us has to decide for themselves what minimalism is for them.

If you give everything away and are miserable, what help has minimalism given you.  You need to find that line for yourself...that line that speaks to you about what you are comfortable giving away and what you really want to gather around you.

60 pound luggage?  Well, I lead a workshop for the quilters last Saturday.  I needed to bring lots with me thus the luggage.  But let me tell you, schlepping that around the subway carrying it up and down three flights of stairs four time gave my back a pause...

By Sunday afternoon my back said...'ha, ha, you think you are invincible...let me explain, dragging that amount of weight as a 71 year old up and down is going to have repercussions'!

And it has.  Sunday it began to hurt.  Sunday evening and Monday...well, let me just say that I accomplished very little.  Today has been better and I hope my back will continue to get better.  I now know that I will have to make other arrangements.

Well, that's all for today folks...
Thanks for stopping by...