Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Well, I guess one is never too old to learn something new!!!

I have lived in the Midewest States, the Deep South States, the Southeastern States, the Mid-Atlantic States, the New England States and I have visited the Southwestern States, the Western States.  So, I figure that I have been in about a million different bathrooms including ones on cruise ships, cargo ships (Bet my friends didn't know that one!!) and all sorts of RV and travel trailers.

So, what's the joke?  Well, check on this picture..

I've been taking showers to try and ease up my pulled muscles (which are a bit better, but I think this may be a long recovery).  Each time the bathtub would not drain.

So, I finally asked at the manager's office if the super could take a look.  They asked if I pulled up the stopper next to the bathtub?  No, I had never seen anything like that and didn't know what it was.

Well, what it is is the stopper for the tub.  I pulled it up and the tub drains beautiful.  Like I said, old folks can learn something new...I still chuckle about it.

Question, am I the only one who has never seen one of these?

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