Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well, it was interesting that after I wrote about minimalism a couple posts ago, I read some articles and posts on organization.

Basically, how much is needed and when is it too much?   One of the articles talked about organizing digital many ways do you need to tag a photo, for instance?  If you regularly look up photos for particular tags, then adding tags is great.  But if you rarely do...why spend the time.

Well, I am deciding how best to digitize my photos...and let me tell you, there are lots.  Personally, after spending time using a copy machine, I decided it wasn't really worth it to me to take the time. On the other hand, maybe it will be for my children.

So, I will be looking for another way to digitize my photos that will take much less time than copying them, one at a time on the copy machine. I have found a couple apps for taking pictures with my iPhone. I can even take more than one picture at a may be worth the time to investigate.

So how much organization is necessary?  I have decided that I will never be completely and totally simply is not worth the time involved for me.  However, I do want to be able to find things easily.

Take my numerous pieces of fabric.  I have them somewhat organized by color but not completely. And when I pull out fabric for a project, they go back in the same general area but not the exact place.

So how about you?  Are you a super organizer, or a general organizer?

Well, my back no longer hurts, nor my hip...but the back of my leg...well, it's letting me know that it's there.  The pain is not constant, but walking is a bit dicy.  I had to move Lady J today so I took out my hiking stick to use while walking.  A bit of an overkill, right, but I feel it's necessary for the time being because when the pain hits, it's very bad.

That's all for today...
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Talk to you tomorrow...