Friday, October 14, 2016


Do you ever get impatient?  Well, that's the way I feel right now...impatient and frustrated.  I can see (and feel) that my leg pain is getting better but it sure has slowed me down.  I did walk out yesterday to move Lady J, but today, nope.

I thought that maybe I could go shopping at the local grocery store just to pick up a couple things. Again, no go.  Frustration.

I did get my groceries though!  Amazon Prime Now is in my zip code.  I didn't even know about Amazon Prime Now much less that it's available to me.  So, I checked out the prices and was I surprised...much less expensive than my stores on many items I use and about the same on the others.
(And no, I have no affiliation with Amazon at all.)

Everything was delivered within a two hour window and I actually got a text when it was close. Wow!

Even with all that, though, I am still frustrated because walking is difficult and for some reason I just have no get up and go...all I want to do is sit and read or lay down and sleep.

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, my get up and go will return and I can get up and go!!!!

Have you watched the 'Make It Artsy" PBS TV show?  It's an actual craft show covering a variety of techniques/crafts/hobbies.  Much like the Carol Duvall Show.  The neat thing about this show is that you can watch one episode a week on their website.  Check it out here.

Well, football is calling (get real) - my bed is calling - time for a nap.  Have a great weekend.  I hope your plans weren't cancelled like mine.  Hopefully I will be able to see a bit of color next week.

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