Friday, January 25, 2019


Today was interesting.  First, when I went to bed last night there was a ton of water at our back door.  I figured that it would turn into a skating rink.  But when I went out this morning it was completely dry!

As a matter of fact, there's very little snow left in the yard.  It wasn't that warm today, about 40, but very sunny.

SnowWhite went into the city today.  One son hit a pothole and literally blew out the sidewall of his tire.  He managed to limp back home on a donut but needed to use SnowWhite to get to work.  I had thought about going out today...I've been homebound all week and cabin fever is setting in...

I went to back up my computer last night but there was a problem with another hard drive that at one time was trying to back up also.  It confused my original back-up hard drive so I wound up wiping it and doing a complete backup which took all night.

Why?  Because today I wanted to upgrade my macos.  My macbook pro is eight years old, so I could not put on the very latest upgrade but I was able to upgrade to High Sierra which is fine.  It's only one upgrade level down.

I have used this computer everyday since I purchased it and it still runs beautifully.  I hope to get at least another five years.  I will probably have to replace the battery but at $129 that's a lot cheaper than a new computer.

Then of course the Roger Stone's arrest and the CR to open the government was a shock. But then I was surprised that LaGuardia shut down.  I thought Trump would not settle if there was no money for his wall (which Mexico was supposed to pay for).  That's two for Pelosi, if you're keeping track.

I began packing away the Christmas Decorations - the complete monk set plus some miscellaneous santas and angels.  And I got in two exercise routine today!!!  (I still don't like to exercise!)

By the way, there are no pictures today because the photos have to load into the new system and that will take longer than I want...probably should have thought about that earlier.

Hope you have a great weekend...
Talk with you on Monday...