Wednesday, October 16, 2019


It's getting to be Trick or Treat Time.  I haven't carved my pumpkin yet.  Holding off for at least another ten days.

Well, I did get out this morning and finished the trimming on the front and side yards.  I also cleaned up the patio, folded down the large umbrella and covered the chairs in anticipation of the rain and wind to come.

It came...I don't believe that I have seen this heavy a rain since I moved to Cornwall.  It's raining the proverbial cats and dogs.  There's a big pool of water in front of our back door but none in the yard.  I guess our water table is low so I am not complaining.

It's so dark that it feels like late evening.  I have the lights on in the house in order to see and when I went outside, the motion lights went on. 

This afternoon I took care of the household routine items like cleaning, paying bills, etc.  Think I will call it quits and spend time on what I want to do...not what I have to do.

The prompt this morning was interesting.  Create and name your world where things always go right even if the rest of the world thinks you're crazy.  Well, I named my place 'G Street' and it's where I always have enough money to pay all my bills and purchase (within reason) what I need.  In the real world...that's a no!!!

Well, back to guild, it never ends...and then on to what I want to do!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...