Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugal Friday

We have a lot of these all over our place...the sun came out and the meltdown began!  They are calling for a warm up and rain on Monday...lots of rain!!! 

I did spend money again this week.   $11.99 for a download of exercise videos and $2.98 for two exercise apps for my iPod Touch.  Why exercise videos?   Well, first of all, I do not belong to a gym but I really need to exercise.  I have walking videos (one to four miles) and I use them regularly.   But I felt I needed additional types of exercise such as strength training, balance, etc.   And I found these at Amazon available for download for a reasonable price considering the amount and variety of videos.   

One of the apps for my iPod Touch is an extensive exercise app with demos of tons of exercises, workouts and a log.   The other app was a pedometer to see how much I actually walk in addition to my exercise.

No, I have not made a resolution to exercise more this year.   I actually do that at least five days a week.   I just realized that I needed to include a greater variety of exercises than is included in my walking videos.   After I have used them for a couple months, I'll let you know if it was worth it.

Well, my team plays Sunday would be great if they win, but I'm just happy they made it this far.   Go Vikings!!!

Hope you have an enjoyable, restful weekend doing all the things that you want to do.   Your house won't fall down if you don't spend all day cleaning it.  Instead, do something fun with your family or friends.   Or spend the day indulging in what you want to do....sleeping in, working on a craft, watching old movies or taking a walk.   Life's too short not to enjoy it!

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