Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making A Storage Container Out of a Lightweight Box

I love the Grandma Moses type of primitive painting.   Almost every summer we visit the museum in Vermont which houses her works as well as some of her things.   I always smile when I look at her paintings.  This picture was the very first painting I did.   It's not great, but it is one that I have held unto for several years just to remind me of my love of primitive painting and Grandma Moses.

I tried the new sugar but found that I was really intrigued with the box it came in.    

The box was basically very flimsy, but I liked the way the top dropped down over the rest of the box.   So I decided to see if I could make it firmer with fabric.  I used a green cotton fabric applied with Mod Podge including a top coat.

I then applied a layer of pictures on the inside which, in the end, I did not like.   So I covered that with a lightweight piece of fabric which was better, but not great.   However, the two layers made the box so firm that it was really usable.  So I added some trim to the edges.


When the top is closed, it is so tight that no closure is needed.  It will be a very nice addition to my travel craft kit.  

The weather has been very warm for New England...in the 40's.   We've had a lot of rain so a good deal of the snow is gone.  The low temperatures are promising a return by the end of the week though.  In other words, spring thoughts should probably just stay thoughts....it's a little too early for planting!!!! 

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