Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of Those Days

I love this Santa stuffy, but the rocking chair it sits on is even more precious...we bought it when our oldest was a couple years old (he's approaching 40!!!) and it was used by all four of our kids plus their friends and their friends' friends and get the picture.   It is still in one piece which is something when you count up the kids using it and all the moves it has been through...

It's been one of those know the get up with high expectations and they all go out the window as you sit and stare (out the window?)!!!!   I did get some practical things done like exercising, organizing my passwords (no, not on my computer!) and checking out the bills and things.   

But mostly, I surfed the web, watched several art quilt videos on You Tube, read the blogs I follow and worked on my stash.  Maybe I'm suffering from football withdrawal although that won't begin in earnest until after the first week in February! 

I did read several blogs where the writers were experiencing the same type of  "January Grays".   Maybe it is the weather, although I do love winter and the snow.   It is still snowing by the was supposed to quit yesterday evening.   So it really hasn't been too sunny.   They promise that will change tomorrow.   But they have been saying that for a couple days now.

Even my pencils failed to get me going and I really love to draw.   Maybe tomorrow....But all was not lost, I did enjoy the videos and reading my blogs.   Maybe I just needed an unplanned day.   How about you?

Thanks for stopping by...