Friday, January 15, 2010

Life on Frugal Friday

Dale decided to keep himself busy with some trim he took off the worktable!!!!   Nothing like a brazen kitty!!


The Spring Keepsake Quilting Catalog arrived today and you can guess what I want to do...order a sample of everything in it.   At least a charm set of all the fabric!!!!   See what I mean, they had me at  page one.   So, now in keeping with my challenge, I am looking at what I have in my stash, and more importantly, if there is anything that I really, really want or need?   I am thinking that maybe just looking at the pictures will suffice for now.   Of course, I will be keeping the catalog, just in case I find that I really need something... 

I did spend $15.00 plus tax again this week for the additional desk space.   I have used the new work area several times now and find the additional space great.  Doesn't take much to please me!!!!   I really did not lose any storage space either because the shelf fits under the worktable just fine and it is easy to get to.  Also, it looks a lot cleaner without all the wires showing.

I am now in the process of rearranging my things so they are easy to get to.  I am going to start out slowly and just move in the things that I need as I work, but it does look like this is going to work out well.


I took out the sewing machine to do some quilting on the next set of pages for my fabric book.   The sewing machine was not at all cooperative.  I had to stop and straighten the thread out so many times, I was ready to call it quits, but I finally did finish.

A trick to keep the thread pieces from floating all over is to take a piece of tape - I use clear packing tape - and put it next to your work area with the sticky side up.  This is especially great when there is a lot of static electricity.

Remember the first four pages of the fabric book.   


Here is the beginning of the next four pages.


I also finished my part of the round robin.   I added the corner blocks and the ribbon as well as the final round of material.

I plan on working on projects this weekend as I watch the next set of football games.   My team made it this far...hope they go all the way.

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