Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowy Holiday!

How could I not include these beautiful pictures of the snow. The trees are outside my office/studio window. One of them seems especially weighed down. We did get more snow than expected.   From the picture of the plowed road, it looks like we got at least a foot or so.  

The last picture is of a window that is above the stairway.   It's fun to see how high the snow gets. Last year we had times when it was completely blocked. Wish I had thought of taking some pictures then. 

As you can see, I have filled it up once again. I needed to have my sewing machine available as well as all my worktable space, so I brought in one of my stackable storage bins (on wheels) and am using it for the sewing machine. Not sure how long it will stay...but it works for short sewing stints.

I have also discovered that no matter how hard I try, I will never have everything on hand. For instance, while I was working on my journal I needed watercolor crayons, not pencils, but crayons. My watercolor pencils were out, just barely, but my crayons were somewhere deep in one of my art drawers!!!!


I am working on the next pages of my 'Soul Journal'.  First I applied a layer of white paint (I'm out of gesso - that one definitely goes on my list of purchases).  Then I applied some ink.   First mustard and then cocoa using a make-up sponge.   I cut out some small pictures of things and applied them to the page.   The instructions were to do it to both pages, but I looked at the pile of scraps on my worktable and thought they were interesting.   So I applied those on the second page.  That was it for today. 

Do you know how many art journaling videos there are on You Tube? I can't believe it and most of them are good, many of them are great. I think I could spend hours just looking a art/journaling/crafting videos on You Tube. And I follow several artists that I find are really helpful to a novice like me.  If you haven't tried You Tube, try it.   Once you get to the home page, just search for whatever you want - art journals, drawing with pencils, quilting - and you will find a treasure trove of all sorts of videos.

The good news this past weekend was that my team won!!!!   Go Vikings!!!!  I would love to see them go all the way, but who knows.   They made it this far.

I'm off to do some exercise and then work on my fabric book.  

Thanks for stopping by....