Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting, Waiting...

My camera battery is charging, so I found this picture in my stash.   Before the warm up and snow melt, this is what you saw from our patio.   A good deal of the snow is gone, but now we have extremely cold weather along with winds.   I don't mind cold weather, but the wind does make it uncomfortable!

Well, I have been sitting in the living room since just before 7am this morning.   Why, because my cable is still having problems even with two repair with a technician and one with an engineer.   After calling last night to let them know that there was still a problem, they scheduled a visit between the hours of 7am and 7pm, thank you very much.   I am sitting here because I cannot hear the front door bell from my studio.  

(The cable folks finally arrived...late afternoon.   Had to move a large shelf for them to get to the cable outlet.   Moved lots of books first!   They found a few more problems, but it's still not working right.   Unfortunately, there is not a lot more that they can do because they are not allowed to run cable in the
complex!!!  A bit frustrating!!!)

However, I did not just veg out – well, I did at the beginning.   I mean, I had to be up and dressed by 7am and that's an hour I rarely see!!!!   But between vegging out sessions I drew and doodled and, of course, surfed the web...all with Bloomberg TV in the background.

I've come up with a few neat ideas – at least I think they are!!!   I'm drawing a little girl to include in my blog...she may even write a blog or two.   Her name is Dumplin'.   I plan on including cute stories about Dumplin' as well as paper dolls and paper doll clothes to go with the stories.   

My doodle is pretty neat also.   I will take a picture of it when the battery is charged.   Both with and without color.   Do you ever doodle?   It can really be very relaxing and a lot of fun.   There are no rules, you just put pencil (or pen or crayon or whatever) to paper and enjoy yourself.

Well, it's time to straighten up...maybe I can still spend some time in my studio.  Have a great evening...

By the way, my team didn't win the playoffs, but they came close...maybe next year!!!

Thanks for stopping by....