Monday, February 1, 2010

February Already!!!!

This is a picture of a carry-all that I purchased at Macy's in Manhattan several years ago.   It never wears out nor even shows any wear no matter how badly I treat it.  And believe me, I can stuff it quite full of just about everything including the kitchen sink.   And considering that we are going to NYC for a couple days this week, I thought it appropriate.

You know, I have had more fun just doodling than I can remember.  And this is a picture of one of my doodles without color.

And here are pictures of the doodle as I was coloring it with markers.  

Finally, here is the finished piece.

Now, the great fun I had was that after downloading some drivers, I was able to get my HP Photosmart All-in-One to work with my mac.   So here is the scanned picture of the doodle without color.
 And one with color.

And here it is reduced.   The larger picture is reduced 50%.   Then I took that picture and reduced it both 40% and 50%.   I took this picture with my camera.   All sorts of ideas are popping in my head right now from cards to ATCs to multi-media journals.  

I did not believe that my printer, scanner, copier would do this great a job, especially scanning it into my computer.   Now I can scan...this could be a great thing!!

Dumplin' is looking really great.   I am still tweaking her a bit, but here is a glimpse.  Of course, I kept her in the shadows and slightly fuzzy until the proper introduction.

And I remembered that I forgot to tally up last week, but it was only the money spent at the used bookstore.   $5.00 for a gift (an old magazine) and $12.50 for a book.  

So far this week I spent $2.00 plus tax at McDonald's - $1.00 for coffee and $1.00 for a breakfast burrito – Sunday morning's breakfast.  This week will be higher than normal because we are going to NYC for a couple days. But here's a question that I did not anticipate.   Do I include meals eaten out when I cannot eat at home due to traveling?   I didn't think about that one.   Will have to mull it over a bit.

Most of our snow is gone.   And although the temperature is low, there is little wind so it feels nice outside...and as usual, I have my window open.

Have a great evening.   Another football-less Monday Night for me!   Guess I will have to try basketball!

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