Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Already!

I really like kaleidoscopes!   Really!  Especially smaller ones.   I even like the 99 cents plastic ones that are nothing more than prisms.  
I love the fabric on this one...
And this one moves the material on one side slide to the other side very slowly.   Although very inexpensive - make that downright cheap - it has one of the most complex pictures.

Last week was a busy one as we had far more to do in NYC than I thought so by the time we got home, I just vegged out for a couple days.   More visits are in store in the next few weeks!

I couldn't decide what to work on so I wound up doing another doodle.   I am getting obsessed with these.   I found that if I first worked in pencil, then outlined in a permanent marker it was easier.  Here's the latest doodle I am working on.
And here is how I am coloring it...
What I really like to do is to copy and reduce them.   They make awesome backgrounds for ATCs and are really only need paper and markers.   I have found that it does look better with a black permanent marker for outlining, but any type of marker for coloring in the doodle works.   I have used Sharpies, Crayolas and Prismacolor Markers.   There is more color distinction with the Prismacolor markers, but for my purposes they all work well.  And if you just want to have fun, you don't have to invest in the more expensive markers. 

Frugal Friday results.   We really did not eat out that much.   I guess that we eat less when we travel than when at home.  So for the week I only spent $2.00 on coffee, $2.00 on breakfast burritos, $6.99 on a hamburger and fries and $8.99 on a dinner for a total of $19.98 on food.  And that's it - not too bad!

Wasn't the Superbowl great?   I even enjoyed the halftime show.  My favorite commercial was the Budweiser one, but the one with Brett Farve was also good.

Have a good evening...