Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Short Post

I love these.   When you roll them in your hand they are musical.  I remember buying several of them at the outside market in New Orleans in the French Quarter.  There were two sizes.   The smaller ones fit my hand better but they did not have the rich sound that these have.  
Have you had the opportunity to visit the French Quarter?   It has changed a lot over the years.   I remember lots and lots of little shops in the late 60's.   There are still some neat shops now.   At any rate, a visit to New Orleans is a joy.    And it looks like the city is coming back after the devastating hurricane.   And although I am a Viking's fan, I was happy that the Saints won this year's Super Bowl.

A short post today.  I really didn't get to do much in my studio today.   The house was begging to be cleaned...at least in my eyes.   I don't clean as much as I used to, but it really was time.   So I spent the whole day cleaning.   And now that I have a few minutes in my studio, I decided write a short post.   

Tomorrow, they are not calling for more than a dusting of snow.   We have missed the last two major snow storms.   It's funny but Washington, D.C. has had almost twice as much snow as we have up here in Maine!

Have a great evening.   Thanks for stopping by...