Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Intentions revisited!!!

I love this angel by Jim Shore from the Heartwood Creek Collection.   This is one of several given to us by a friend.   I think I am drawn to them because of their folksy style as well as the attention to detail.

I really, really love this style and just enjoy and appreciate their beauty.

Well, as I said, best intentions revisited!   I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house so I could spend all day today in my studio.   As it turns out, the only thing I got done was this post.

First there were several wonderful calls from family and friends this morning and they definitely took precedence over studio time.   Then there was the quick trip to pick up meds and a few groceries as well as Valentine Cards for grandkids around noontime - forget lunch!!!

And then the afternoon was time spent with hubby watching a movie - extremely important!!!  So after a light supper and clean-up, and more calls, I have decided to call it quits this evening.

Perhaps tomorrow.   There is nothing on the calendar, but then there wasn't today either!    Which is more important?   Both!   Neither should be forsaken for the other.   Makes for interesting balancing act.

How about do you balance your time?

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