Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reaching for 'Way Back When'

Well, I guess looking at this collection of some of my drawing equipment, you would think that I would spend all day drawing.   Pencils alone - and these are only my Prismacolors Pencils - are in the 400 numbers.   And I didn't even include the 180 Prismacolor Markers with those pictured.   I seem to collect drawing equipment - charcoal pencils, drawing pencils, crayons (We won't even go there!), watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons (Oh, for heaven's sake), fabric markers, etc., etc., etc.   And that doesn't even take into consideration my watercolors, acrylics, art brushes,  pastels, oil pastels....  There seems to be a pattern here that I am ignoring.   Perhaps it is time to spend at least a couple hours a day drawing.   Come to think of it, that is what I have been doing with my doodles, drawing.   Okay, point well taken.

This is the latest doodle....
And these are the reductions:   50%, 60% of the 50%, and 50% of the 60%.   Did you follow that?   Good, because I am not sure I did and I wrote it!

But what I did with the two smallest is a throwback to some earlier craft I used to do - and I do mean earlier...about 30-40 years ago!  Wow, that's a long time ago!!!!  Was I even alive then?
I used to make pins and pendants by stacking and gluing about 20 - 40 pieces of paper, then applying the top picture.   When dry, I glued on a nice back, some sort of appropriate paper.   When completely dry,  I filed the sides rounding the edges,  made any changes to the front (i.e. adding a color, antiquing it, etc.)   Then I applied several coats of a sealer lightly sanding in between.  Add a back to pin or a jewelry finding to attach a chain.  And voila!   Jewelry!   30-40 years ago, it was a lot bolder, but hey, it was flower power!

Just for fun I tried this with the latest doodle, not to make pins or pendants but to make 'findings' for my journals.   And now that I remember how much fun it was, I think I will continue making more.   The neat part about it is that I can reduce the drawings at home on my printer-copier and that does make all the difference.   I can experiment.   And the rejects are cut up and put in stacks for gluing get it.

Still no snow...what is with it up here in Maine?   We actually may get something out of the next storm next week.   Wonder what the Mid-Atlantic states will get?

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