Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, I Blew It!!!

Once again, I am working on the backdrop for a musical by Hank Beebe.  This musical is the second in his trilogy about Biblical figures and is titled "A Remarkable Mary".    The pictures above are of the fabrics that I am using to create the backdrop.

The last musical took place in the desert, so I used mostly tans and browns with a few accent colors.  This musical takes place in the hills, so I am using several greens and tans along with a few accent colors as well as three blues and a white for the sky.

We are also using a different system to hang the backdrops...a much easier one.   For the last musical, I used portable backdrop stands.   What I didn't figure on was that the space did not allow me to completely open up the bases, so I have to tie each side to some substantial piece of furniture using bungy cords.   This time we are using a wire from one side to another with two small supports in the middle for an entrance and then one of the portable stands (This time only six feet in length) to cover the middle entrance.    Should make for an easier time...I say that hopefully.

At any rate, I purchased these fabrics from three different Goodwill stores.   A great place to find fabric cheaply and in large quantity.   Read that sheets and drapes!!!  

Well, I really did blow it last week on the frugality front!   I really needed my gesso...
And at $16.99 I was okay.......UNTIL I reached the checkout and found the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines...."Where Women Create"!   I just couldn't resist it.   I guess I could have waited until this week to purchase it, but....   So that added another $14.99 to my ticket which, of course, brought it over my target of $25.00.   I really am enjoying the magazine, though.   If my library subscribed to it, I would have just enjoyed it there, but alas, they do not!!!

And this week is not much better.   To date the cost of the fabric for the background is $35.59.   That really is cheap because it covers 28 feet long by 12 feet high.   But it is more than my $25.00.   I think I will put this amount in parentheses and be aware of the amount, but not actually count it as part of my $25.00.   Which is good because when I was in line waiting to check out (I think everyone and their child was at the stores!) I found a few trinkets to purchase.   Don't worry, these only amounted to $7.00!
These were only $4.00.   No, I am not going to wear them, I am going to take them apart and use the beads for embellishments.   The wooden beads were really beautiful and unique.
And I have all sorts of ideas.   Even this set was unique enough for me to want to purchase it.
Then I couldn't resist this...I needed something to hold the jewelry in after all!
And it only cost $2.00!!!  And right next to it was this adorable tin...
And it only cost a buck...Okay, so I went a little crazy, but I realized two things.   First of all, there are some really good purchases that I feel good about making because I know I will use them.   And second, BEWARE OF TEMPTATIONS WHILE STANDING IN LINE!!!!!
Well, we are supposed to get some snow, finally.   It has been snowing on and off for a couple of hours.  But so far only a light dusting.   Hopefully we will get a bit more....
Thanks for stopping by....