Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Rainy Day - in Maine - In February!!!!

This is a collection of some of my paper tapes.   What I am really doing with the picture is working with the effects.   The subject may not be the best, but I do like the effect.   I have decided to change the picture that I use in the heading.   I am still using baskets, but probably filled with a variety of objects.   Then I want to play around with some different effects to see which I like the best.

I wear almost exclusively LLBean shoes - the $29.99 mocs.   I usually wear dark brown in the fall and winter, beige in the spring and summer and black for dress-up.   After a couple seasons, the mocs are usually pretty dirty and stretched out but otherwise in good shape.

This time, instead of purchasing new ones, I decided to try to spruce up last years.   I remembered that I used to wash the kids sneakers in the washing machine to clean them, so I decided to try with my mocs.   I first sprayed them generously with a spot remover and then stuck them in to wash with some jeans and sweatshirts.   When they came out, they looked much cleaner and smaller.   

I dried them on top of the dryer after sticking empty soda bottles inside to give them shape.   When they were completely dry, they looked pretty good, but dark beige instead of light beige.   So I decided to give them a good brushing with a stiff brush.   And low and behold, they lighten up so much that they look brand new.  Quite frankly, I was completely surprised, but I saved myself some money!

I'm still not quite into working in my studio, but I have been playing with paper this time instead of fabric.   I really love these origami papers...
The above papers are generously sprinkled with gold accents.   I have used them in my ATC's.   Especially the ones with the tiny paperdolls.

These papers are not origami but cardstock paper which make a great base for projects.

Well, back to the Olympics...I'm going to go into withdrawal when they are done...have to find something else.   Maybe all those craft dvd's I have...need to get some inspiration somewhere!

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