Saturday, February 20, 2010

A House for Dumplin'?

Well, it's not much, but I had fun drawing it.   I'm working on some illustrations for a story about Dumplin'.   You know, I have actually seen a pink house with blue trim....didn't look so good in person, but as an illustration I like it.

Besides the $7.00 I spent at Goodwill, I also purchased a fast food lunch for $5.39.   So, if I do not include the fabric for the musical, I am doing pretty good.   I think I will be reimbursed for the fabric which is why I am making a notation about it, but not including the amount.  

Here's the latest doodle I told you about....
The top pictures are how I began the doodle progressing to the finished product.  I usually doodle in a hard pencil (which is why the outlines are so faint in top pictures), then outline it with a fine sharpie in black, color it and then use a thicker black sharpie to outline it again.

I also worked on a couple pages in my journal...
Both of the above pages are works in progress.

I am still enjoying the Winter Olympics...I really like curling.   When we lived in Minnesota - eons ago -  there was no publicity about curling teams.   I remember hockey and skating, but not curling.   Wonder how long the teams have been around?

Thanks for visiting....