Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Reason for Being Frugal

Sorry - no pictures tonight - didn't realize until I was going to transfer them that the battery needed charging.   Will post them tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day today.   The temperature was 50....50 in February in Maine!   Now I ask you..does that compute?   I mean it is Maine AND it is winter!   Makes no sense to me, but little about the weather has made sense to me lately.

So, someone asked me about my challenge to myself about being frugal?   Does that mean that I can't have any fun and buy new things, etc?   Well, no, not really.   What I am trying to be is discerning about my purchases.   In other words, will the purchase be beneficial to me in my life?   Or am I purchasing something because of a nagging leftover commercial prompt that says I will be beautiful, successful, happier, cleaner, more productive, etc., etc. 

Recently, I was reading about a frugal blogger who was berating someone for owning an iPhone and drinking coffee at Starbucks and yet who claimed they were frugal.   I thought that the blogger was way out of line.  

Being frugal does not mean denying yourself things you like.   No one would stay frugal if all they could do was deny themselves constantly.   Certainly, there are times in one's life when choosing not to purchase is a necessity.  For instance, when the economy is bad and folks are out of work, that may be a time to purchase only things which are absolutely necessary.

I own an iPod Touch (which I got by redeeming points) and I do love Starbucks which is why my kids give me Starbucks gift cards as well as bookstore and iTunes gift cards.  But even if I didn't have gift cards, I would get a coffee occasionally - not everyday, maybe once a month.

I guess what I am doing is trying to be conscious of what and why I spend my money and asking myself is this something that I value enough to spend my money on.   No big deal, just me trying to be more aware of where my money goes and why.

Well, if my camera was up and running you would see that I have another doodle.  Didn't I tell you I was going bananas for doodling!!!!!

I am trying to decide which markers I like.   I did get a more even color with the Prismacolor Markers than with the Crayola Markers.   But the Crayola Markers were much brighter.    The color evens out, though, when I reduce the image.   The Sharpie Markers are brighter than the Prismacolor Markers and the color is about as even.

I think what I will do is take a small doodle and copy it and try coloring it with all three types of markers.   That should help settle which I use for the current project of making a pendant.  I'll post the outcome when I finish.

Well, that's all for tonight.   Thanks for stopping by....