Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Background Has Been Hung

You know, they really do not look as good in pictures as they do in person.   Maybe I'm critical of my work, but I see all the imperfections.   When you are sitting in the audience all the imperfections really do fade away.   Of course, a lot of the furniture will be moved also so you also have a better view of the background.

If I really did get serious about doing this, I would do a few things differently.   First of all, I would not purchase used sheets from a resale store.    The sheets really do not have any sizing left at all and they stretch out of shape at the drop of a hat.   But, this had to be done on a shoestring for now.   Next, I would find a place to work with really large tables, no more floors!   And finally, I think I would invest in a sewing machine that did not break down frequently. 

At any rate, this one is finally done and 'hung'!!!

I seem to have a craving for drawing with colored pencils when spring and summer arrive.   When we lived in NYC I always took drawing classes from a fantastic artist who specialized in colored pencils.  One of my exercises was to take a sheet of paper and divide it up into four or six sections and quickly draw an object.   Then using colored pencils, fill in the object.   Here is the single sheet followed by the individual pictures.

Well, it was an interesting experiment.   It's been a long time since I tried this, but I think I will continue doing it to work on my sketching.

Oh, and I did one more doodle.  The pictures are of the doodle after I outlined it with a black marker, then the picture of it partially colored with markers,  then completely colored, then finally re-outlined with a black marker... 

My camera doesn't seem to be working too well right now.   The battery is low and that does affect it results.  I will charge it before I take any more pictures.   

Our weather for the past twenty-four hours has been wild.   Last night we had lots of thunder and lightening and a little rain, today we had temperatures more like July, and late this afternoon we had wild winds and a little rain come rushing in and now it is very cool - not cold - but cool.   Love it!!!!

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