Saturday, April 24, 2010

Four Stores and Counting...

A beautiful bed of yellow...I just couldn't resist taking a picture.   Question.   Did you ever put a dandelion under your chin to see if you liked butter?  (Hint:   If your chin turned yellow you did!!!)

I decided to go on Friday because it was supposed to rain on and off all day Thursday.   Well, we had one storm come rolling through with one rumble of thunder, one cloud to cloud bit of lightening and enough rain to wet the road, almost.

Guess what.   There were more showers on Friday than on Thursday.   It didn't rain so much that it was hard to drive, but I had to dodge raindrops when I went into the quilt stores.   But the rain didn't deter me...nor, unfortunately, my pocketbook!!!

I did discover a few things.   

First of all,  quilt shopkeepers have to be the friendliest folks around even when several customers need their attention.  It was a joy to watch each and every one of them.   

Next, I've never visited a quilt store that I didn't fall in love do they do it?  The stores were all so warm and welcoming but not a one was like the others.   

Finally, they all allowed me to take some pictures, so the following pictures are with permission.  But in order to do each store justice, I would have had to post dozens of pictures, these are just appetizers.  You need to visit them in person to see how wonderful they all were...

Mariner's Compass:
This sign is never a good thing for my pocketbook in a quilt store!!!

Maine-ly Sewing
This beautiful stained glass window was above their check out area!

Country Creations
There was certainly an abundance of creativity here!!

Alewives Fabric
  The one time I resisted purchasing something.  But don't worry, I can order it online!!!

Well, after several hours of driving around, getting lost a couple times, going right past one of the stores and having to backtrack, and having the road split with me going one way and the quilt store on the other way, it was time to stop and eat at another favorite restaurant...
Seafood again, but hey, I live in Maine, what else do you expect?

As the saying goes, a great time was had by my pocketbook, but I'll leave that for the next post.   Until then, you can just imagine all the beautiful fabrics I purchased...

Thanks for visiting...