Monday, April 26, 2010

You Saw the Stores, Now the Fabrics

Rather than a single picture of the day, there are several.   I decided to just show you everything I purchased on my last outing without comment.  

Okay, I went a little crazy again...  Do you think I have a problem with Moda Charm Packs?   No kidding!!!

So how much did I spend...well it was more than the week before...$164.89...BUT $60.00 is for gifts.   And yes, I do know that I include that in my $25.00/week.   I just wanted you to know that I did really do better with these last four shops than the previous for myself that is...  Lunch out amounted to $17.48.   

Think I need to stop visiting quilt shops for a while but not quite yet.   I have another outing planned for this week.   Hopefully, I am all shopped out for a while.   Only time will tell.

Thanks for visiting...