Thursday, April 22, 2010

Noise factor and other miscellaneous things...

Noise factor -
I grew up in a house with the tv on all the time.   I can remember the Today Show with "Dave" Garroway!!!   

A good deal of time the tv is on in my house also.   But for me there is a reason to have something on in the background....I have a lot of ringing in my ears.   I don't focus as much on the ringing when there is other noise to distract me.   Unfortunately,  I've noticed that with the tv on, I do have a harder time concentrating on the task at hand. 

Lately, I have been listening to nature sounds (birds, rivers bubbling, ocean waves, thunder storms, etc.).   It took me by surprise, but I realized that listening to nature sounds works better for me than even listening to music.   Who knew???

So if you hear thunder and rain on a perfectly sunny cloudless day...maybe someone else is listening to nature sounds...of course, if you get wet, you may want to head for shelter!!!!

I have my route planned for tomorrow....four quilt shops and another favorite restaurant.   This time we are heading north to Bath and beyond...that's Bath, Maine.    Should be fun!    Think I can get by with photos instead of spending neither!!!   But I will give it the old college try.   No guarantees!!!    One way or another,  I will post pictures....either of things I would like to purchase...or things I purchased...or both!!!!

I'm working hard on the 'basket' projects for May.  I want to have them all up and ready before the first day of May so I can start working on June's theme.   I actually haven't settled on a theme for June but I am leaning towards 'butterflies'.   I can think of a lot of projects.   I also love the idea of 'fireworks' for July but finding projects may be a bit more difficult.

Do you like to read?   I love to read, but so many times when I read a mystery I have a hard time putting the book down...really...I will read all night long if it's a good book.   So, I really haven't been reading much lately, especially fiction.

But when I saw the latest book in the "Tea Shop Mystery Series"   ("The Teaberry Strangler" by Laura Childs), I just had to read it...and I!!!   See what I mean, I could not put it down.   And there in lies the problem...I love reading good mysteries...but I don't seem to have the willpower to stop reading and do other things.   I wonder of other people have the same problem?   

Enough ramblings...

Thanks for stopping by this evening.    Have a great day tomorrow...