Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crocheting Anyone?

Now would be a good day for smell-a-vision, the lilac bushes are just beginning to open and already they are perfuming the air all around them...

So how was your day?  We went on a picnic this afternoon.   Grabbed a sandwich from the local Whole Foods Store, drove to Fort Washington Park where the most photographed lighthouse in Maine is perched, found a picnic table high above the water and just watched the waves crash against the rocks and the boats move in and out of the harbor.   Pure bliss!   And no rain which was a major bonus after yesterday...

Have you tried a journal page?   Even thought about it?  If not, give yourself permission to will probably lose all track of time in the process and, hopefully, enjoy yourself.   Remember, this is your creation...there is no right or wrong way to do it...just your way.

Can you crochet?   It's really simple...if I can do it anyone can.   If you have never tried it, look up the instructions on line and give it a try.  

I remember my grandma making these baskets but she used a fine crochet thread.   I make them out of four ply yarn and believe me it goes a lot quicker.   And they do not need to be starched to keep their shape.

What can you do with them?   Well, you can decorate them and use them for table favors for a shower, or a mother/daughter banquet, or decorations to hang on a Christmas Tree, or even fill them with tiny flowers for a decoration around the house.   (Turn them upside down and they make a doll hat for a small doll!)  I think that the shorter one makes a great place to put rings or small items.   I bet you can think of a lot more things once you get started.  

Take a look at three that I whipped up in no time...

The pictures do not do them justice.   They really are as cute as a button.  

The two with handles are 4 inches high,  3 1/2 inches at their widest point and the base is 1 1/2 inches.   The basket without a handle is 3 inches wide and one inch high. 

The materials you need are four ply yarn - one skein will make tons - a size E crochet hook, scissors, chenille stick, fabric for lining, needle and thread, ribbon and assorted decorations.

You will find the instructions on the side page under Wednesday's Creations - May.   Once you try one, you may want to change the instructions to fit your own needs.   Hope you have fun with it.

Have a great day tomorrow and thanks for visiting...