Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Walk in the Rain and the Tuesday Journal Prompt

It really was a picture perfect day this morning and early afternoon and a walk seemed in order.   There is a tiny state park on Mackworth Island with a trail around the island...not too long...only a mile and a quarter.   So off to the park we went and lo and behold, there was a parking space!   There are only 20 places.

Unfortunately, the clouds were setting in and you could see rain in the distance...

Thinking of going only a little way on the trail...we set off and found the most beautiful places like this sea of lilies of the valley just starting to bloom...

And the rock in the middle of the bay (top picture).    But the rain began lightly, then a little stronger, and even more...well you get the picture.   By the time we got back to the car, we could wring the water out of our clothing.   And it was cold!   

We did have fun, though.   And I have lots more pictures to share with you later including the little folk village!!!

Many folks keep journals.    Some folks write, some folks draw and doodle, some keep an art journal, others picture journals, some have fabric journals still others have multi-media journals.   The list is endless.   Remember my fabric journal...I'm still working on it...

And here is the multi-media journal I am working on...

But why keep a journal?  There are as many reasons as there are folks who journal.   

To keep track of time, to slow down and appreciate their day, to watch nature and how it changes, to challenge a deeper understanding of self, to try out new artistic techniques or simply to take time and enjoy playing.   

Yes, I said playing...you know, that concept that children love and adults seem to have forgotten about.   Maybe it's time for you to come out and play.   Journalling is a great way to begin.   There is no right or wrong way, only your way...so give it a try.    

You can get an inexpensive drawing pad or one with lines if all you want to do is write.   Or you can do what I am going to be doing is create a page each week and then place it in a book down the road.   

So I invite you to join me and try it.   Think of it this way, you're not doing a whole book, just a page once in a while.   And the prompt for today is this:

If I could place
my utmost hope
into a basket for sharing...

I think I might
be tempted to place
a heart full of caring.

Here are some pictures of my journal page so far...

While on the walk today, I found a small piece of bark on the ground that I want to incorporate into this page.   So far, I have been playing with colored pencils and markers. 

Give it a try...you may find you enjoy playing!!!

By the way, I'd love to hear from you...

Thanks for stopping by...