Friday, May 14, 2010

Fender Bender????

Well, I guess that you can tell that I love water....another picture of the harbor.   I never get tired of just sitting and watching and listening.   Or looking for treasurers like shells and sea glass and pieces of driftwood.

Four meals out totaling $19.00.    Three of them were on the road.

Yes, we did get off on Thursday with the kitties (on their way to the babysitters).   Do you know what it is like to listen to cats meow for five hours...sometimes in stereo.   It is an experience that we have every time we bring the cats someplace.   Dale just never gives up.  His meow is very hoarse by the time we get to where we are going.

Today would have been perfect except for the fender bender...actually that is wrong.   The front fender didn't disintegrated.   But it is a 23 year old car.   Didn't hit head on or from behind, just kind of kissed on the side.    The other car has some paint scratches.    The fender around my car just broke into several tiny pieces.   Once I put the lights back in they worked and there was nothing wrong with the engine.   My question...can they find a fender to fix a 1987 Buick?

And, of course, we were at the airport headed for long term parking so no time to do much.   We made it to the plane.   I have to pack a roll or two of duct tape on the way back so I can tape the fender back together enough to make it home and decide what to do next.    Fun!   Fun!

The plane trip was anything but smooth.  But we made it just fine...early even.   Guess that tailwind was really something.

I'm looking forward to spending time with the family this weekend.   Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I know I am going to enjoy mine.

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