Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday's Prompt - A Day Late

As you can see, our environment has changed...we are in the mountains out west for a week.   This is the scene from our front window.   Still snow on the mountain!    We were able to see several hot-air balloons take off.   Impressive!!!

A short blog today.  I am a bit late on computer has been out of commission as it is being upgraded.   I thought I would post a journal prompt today and wait until next week for Wednesday's Creation.  

TUESDAY'S PROMPT (A day late):
Have you ever looked at a basket...really looked at one?   Do you see how the different parts of the basket come together to make a whole?   How each piece fits and serves a purpose and participates in creating a whole?

Well, think about your life.   Can you see how pieces come together to create a whole you?   Think of those different pieces and what they mean to you and how they fit together.   Journal about one of those pieces that are coming together or have come together to make you who you are.    Any piece, large or small.  I hope you find it interesting to see your different 'pieces'.  I not only found it interesting, but also surprising.

We will be home by next week, so I will a bit more attentive to the blog....

Thanks for visiting....