Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Back to Normal, Slowly!!

Just a few more pictures taken while visiting the mountains out west.  The land is so different from Maine...stark...angular...vast!   Sometimes it is hard to reconcile the two in my mind.   But each has it's own appeal.

It's taken me a little longer to recover from the trip...of course, the accident didn't help.  That's why my posts have been a bit sporadic.   And for the most part, completely lacking in the creative area.   I think that I will be able to get my act together this week.   One thing, while on the trip, the ideas just came tumbling out faster than ever.   Thank goodness I wrote most of them down.

But, after today's visit to the mechanic, I am now going to embark on a different trip...buying another car.   Not because of the accident,  there wasn't any damage to the engine, etc., only the body.  But because it is getting to the point where it makes no sense to continue fixing things because that leads to other things needing fixing and on and on.   And right now, there are several things in my old car that need fixing...thus, another vehicle.   

Now, you have to understand that I haven't bought a car in eons.   My car is a 1987 Buick Century.   Our other car is a 1992 Nissan Sentra.   Got the picture?    So tomorrow I will be out and about looking at some used medium sized SUVs.   This is not something that I am looking forward to, but it has to be done.   Wish me luck.    I am completely out of my element!!!!

Have you ever pondered the question...if I could only save one thing, what would it be?   Well, today's prompt is not about saving only one thing!   Think instead of your 'basket' holding 'something' precious to you.   It can be anything you want it to be...something physical...something spiritual.   What does that 'precious' thing mean to you and your life.   Hold it up to your mind's eye and look at it.   Now, create a page to represent it.   Maybe it's just colors.   Maybe it's just doodles or drawings.   Don't worry about what other people may think...this is your time to create.   So Enjoy!!!

Thanks for stopping by.