Friday, July 30, 2010

Frugal Friday Roundup

I love the just want to go on in and enjoy...

Well, I was doing good until I realized that I could get episodes of The Beekman Boys on iTunes, so there went $16.99 for the first season.   I just stumbled on the series and really enjoyed it.   I couldn't find episodes on line anywhere (read that free), so I thought...why not?   I know,  I know, I have to stop that sort of thinking, but I didn't go over my $25.00 this week.   So it's all good.   

The good news...make that great that I have finished the curriculum.   Just have to write up a few notes and finish copying it.   Unfortunately, I ran out of computer paper, so will have to wait until tomorrow after a trip to the store.  

The other great news is the weather...the temperatures are in the 70's for the next several days.   Now that's my kind of weather.   Maybe I'll even get back to my first love...fabric.   Of course, the other good thing is that they are now beginning to cover football on the local news.   Not my team, of course, but football is football!!!!!

I hope your weekend is fantastic...

See you next week...thanks for visiting...