Thursday, August 19, 2010 'em

Pictures of the Day:
I love to look at trees.  Not only their leaves and branches, but also their trunks and bark.   I spotted these two on one of my walks a week ago.  The bark on these two trees is especially unique as is their coloring.   One a light beige/brown/yellow and one looks like the camouflage that the armed forces wear!  (dah!)

I don't know about you, but sometimes I forget to really look at nature and I wind up lumping it all together.   Then I run into something like these two trees and remember...ah...yes everything has something unique and special about it!!!!

Well, I had so much fun with the Zendoodle that I tried another one...
This one is actually smaller.   (Again the picture is not great - haven't gotten a new battery yet.)   I did find that it was more relaxing this time (I wasn't stopping every few minutes to take pictures.).   I want to keep 'doodling' in black and white a bit longer before I try it with color.   I like the idea of using them for the background of an ATC or an Inchie.  What do you think?

Speaking of which...I want to work on the background for the next Inchie trade and since it is fall, I was thinking of going with some stylized fall leaves like these...
Problem is that the theme is faces...not too sure if I can work faces in with fall leaves, but I'm going to give it a good try...if you can't tell, fall and fall colors are my favorite.

Oh yes, computers.   I do love my computers both my mac and my ubuntu.  But sometimes I do get sloppy and don't remember to organize things.   So, today I spent time cleaning up my craft videos, digital magazines, e-projects, etc.   

A lot of times I just stuff them all into one folder without even renaming them with an understandable name.   It took me about five hours, but I have them all done.   I even have them on their own portable hard drive.   If only I would remember to do it whenever I download something, it would be so much easier.  Sigh!  

Now I get to tackle the pictures...not looking forward to that one.   Not only do I have to take care of the pictures on the computer, but I have about 40 years of pictures to copy and import into the computer before I lose them.   Think this will be an ongoing (forever) project.   There are so many pictures that I have an external hard drive just for the pictures.

Well, I was going to discuss one more 'weighty' project, but I think I will put that off until tomorrow.

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